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Dua Lipa is a British and Albanian singer and songwriter. Possessing a mezzo-soprano vocal range, she is known for her signature disco-pop sound. Buy Dua Lipa Merch Here!

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Singer-songwriter Dua Lipa is the daughter of Kosovar Albanians who were refugees in London in the 1990s. Her name “Dua” means love in Albanian; she has no middle name. Lipa was so committed to pursuing a career in music that at 15 she went to live in London on her own. (Her family had returned to Kosovo a few years earlier.)

She used social media to promote herself before signing with a label. Lipa said her earlier music was “dark pop,” but her successful second album Future Nostalgia had more uptempo tunes. Lipa has collaborated with numerous other artists, including Elton John, Miley Cyrus and Chris Martin.

Early Life and Family

Dua Lipa was born in London, England, on August 22, 1995. In 1992, Lipa’s parents, Dukagjin and Anessa, fled Pristina, Kosovo, to escape conflict in the former Yugoslavia. As Kosovar Albanians, they were targeted by Serbian president Slobodan Milosevic.

Lipa’s parents arrived in London as refugees. Though both were students (Lipa’s father studied dentistry and her mother studied law), they worked in restaurants to make ends meet in their new home. In 1995, Lipa was born.

Lipa wrote her first song around the age of four. She had family connections to music — in addition to his dental studies, her father had been in a rock band. “My father was a musician and music was always played around the house so it just always kind of had a big impact on me,” she shared in one interview. She grew up listening to artists like Blondie, Prince, Bob Dylan, Sting and Pink.

In 2006, Lipa’s parents felt it was safe enough to return to their home country. They brought an 11-year-old Lipa and her younger siblings, sister Rina and brother Gjin, back to Kosovo.

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