Dua Lipa Shows Off Her Toned Butt, Legs, And Abs In A Sparkly Leotard And Bra Top In New IG Photos

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  • Dua Lipa knows how to rock an outfit on stage, and she dropped a few photos on her IG story from her performances looking all-over toned.
  • The singer, 27, showed off her sculpted booty, legs, and abs in two pics where she wore a sparkly leotard and a bra top with a skirt.
  • Dua makes time to work out in the mornings, and she does lots of strength training and yoga.

Dua Lipa has been busy traveling through Europe over the last few weeks, but she took a minute to casually drop some next-level photos on Instagram of herself performing.

One features the 27-year-old pop star shot from behind as she works a glittery leotard with matching booties. In the pic, Dua is making a silly face at the camera as she shows off miles of strong legs and a toned booty. In the next shot, Dua can be seen from the front in a skort and matching bra top, accessorized with strong-as-heck abs.

How did she get such impressive all-over tone? Dua has made it clear that she’s a fan of yoga, and she pretty regularly shares videos and photos of herself doing intense moves like it’s no big deal.

There’s Dua hopping up into an impressively controlled headstand (which requires some serious core strength on a mat), and slowly coming out of it with equal control.

You also might enjoy this video of Dua gently moving from a crow’s pose to a tripod headstand in front of some gorgeous scenery.

Dua is big on exercising daily, and she told Viva that she likes to “work out as much as I can.” That usually means getting a workout completed first thing in the AM, since Dua told Refinery29 that “getting physical really starts my day off right.” In the mix for those workouts are yoga (of course), Pilates, strength training, and HIIT.

But core moves are definitely important to her. “I think different variations of crunches like bicycle crunches are good,” Dua told Viva. “Leg raises are also great unless my back hurts. Planks are good, although almost certainly my least favorite.”

Dua has been working with trainer Sora Connor for years, and Connor told Women’s Health that the two “always work the entire body.” She added, “Sometimes it’s more core-focused, other times it’s glutes. The main objective is to work the muscles so that they become strong and toned but the focus is on creating a long, lean line.”

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